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Partslink has been serving the heavy duty truck parts industry as the Affordable Advertiser since 1994.

Specializing in the medium/heavy duty industry allows Partslink to efficiently help dealers locate and liquidate new truck parts, used truck parts, salvage truck parts and rebuilt truck parts.

Partslink is for Truck Parts Companies.
If you are not a parts company, look for parts on Truck Parts Inventory or try our Parts Request.

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The Partslink Advantage

"We tried other locator services before and they did not work. Partslink works and they are way ahead of the competition"
Bill Bridges,
Bill Bridges Truck Parts,
"Everyone who contacts me about parts I ask them where they got there info from. Everyone of them tells me Partslink. No matter how far away from him they are, they all come back with Partslink."
Leo Panchyshyn,
Badger Truck Parts Ltd,