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  • All new dealers are required to be referred by a dealer in good standing to reduce your risk.

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"Thank you for the great job you do. With Partslink, I don't have to double check my ads for accuracy."
Jack Goosen,
Maxim Truck Recycling

"We appreciate the service we receive from Partslink, you do a great job, keep up the good work"
Jim McKenzie,
Maxim Truck Recycling
"Partslink provides good service and support. They continue to do a great job."
Larry Schmidt,
Larry Schmidt Truck Parts & Sales Inc.,
"Partslink is very friendly, easy to use; it saves us time and money."
Housby Trucks,
"When I deal with Partslink, I am dealing with good friends not just another company. Their conventions are well run and they have a GREAT service. Partslink has excellent business practices and are always straight up when dealing with them. I enjoy dealing with Partslink."
Jack Lyons,
Jack Lyons Truck Parts
"Partslink does a fine job....it's like a well oiled machine."
Bryan Martin,
4 State Trucks, Inc.,
"I gave Partslink a good try for at least 6 months and Partslink has worked great for me. The Partslink staff is very helpful in answering my questions and helping me in any way they can. Partslink gives us great exposure and is good value for my money"
Randy Niehaus,
Niehaus Welding Works,
" I put and ad out for a case for an older vehicle and found it quickly through Partslink"
Dennis Clayton
Truck Parts Inc.
"We prefer dealing with Partslink over other locators because the ads are more beneficial. The ads are easier to read, more applicable and they are from quality wholesale companies. You guys really know this industry!"
Gerard Zentner,
Capital Gear,

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